• SkillsUSA (through DHCC); 2015-2017
  • National Honor Society (through VFHS); 2014-2017
  • Missouri A+ Scholarship Program (through VFHS); 2014-2017

School Activities

  • high school mathematics tutoring (including A+ tutoring, among tutoring for subjects other than mathematics), (with VFHS); 2014-2017
  • high school football (with VFHS); 2014-2017
  • high school track, weight lifting, and choir (with VFHS); 2013-2016


Personal Activites/Hobbies

  • reading and watching videos about new technologies and products
  • minor amounts of bash, batch, java, html, css, and python scripting/coding
  • tinkering with computers, sound systems, and electronics of all types
  • maintaining personal fitness (weight lifting)
  • listening to electronic music
  • assessing video games (dealing mainly with testing hardware capabilities)

Current Projects

Check back later.